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Sanctuary Arts School (SAS) is a 501 (c) (3) Louisiana Corporation and operates exclusively for educational and charitable purposes.

SAS, strongly believes in diversity and inclusion and provides ongoing classes in the glass arts, including glass blowing, kiln casting, sand casting and, hot sculpting. All programming is available to everyone in the community. Classes will be offered to beginners and those interested in furthering their skill sets. SAS staff presents several outreach programs directed to various underserved groups such as the elderly, the disabled, veterans, and students who are economically disadvantaged. SAS welcomes everyone from vocational and avocational arts practitioners. SAS wants to empower people through educational experiences in the arts and entrepreneurship.
Sanctuary Arts School (SAS) will have worldwide community access to professional regional, national and international world-renowned artists. Located in Shreveport, Louisiana, SAS will develop courses in glass and printmaking. In the future the school will expand to offer coursework in wood, iron, small metals, textiles, painting and photography.

SAS will provide summer courses, which will offer a series of courses as well as residencies for established artists. All programming will be open to artists of all skill levels. Throughout the year, SAS will also offer residencies for emerging artists during the Fall and Spring.

SAS will have public access programs to ensure all segments of the population have the opportunity to learn new skills or advance their existing skill sets.

Outreach will be an important goal for our organization. Programming will be developed for students who may be low income or low performing. We will also continue programming we have already established at affordable housing locations, classes for our veterans with PTSD, arts programming in nursing homes, public exhibitions, demonstrations and access to a public access glass blowing studio, to name a few.

SAS will also offer accredited college course work for area colleges and universities.

Finally, SAS will provide a gallery to make the artist works available to the public and we will offer courses to help artists learn how to market themselves to a world-wide market.

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